Two pictures of a woman knitting a lightweight sweater with knitting needles.

Free Lightweight Knit Sweater Pattern Ideas

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Free lightweight knit sweater patterns are useful not only in winter and fall. Depending on what type of yarn we use, we can make warm and cuddly sweaters to protect ourselves from the cold or lightweight wonders for sunny days.

Today we are going for option number two! If you like feminine, classy designs, these patterns will certainly suit your taste. Real experts in the matter designed these lightweight pullovers, and that’s why they are so awesome.

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Knitted lightweight sweater patterns

Cape May

While you can buy beautifully dyed multicolored yarn, there’s always a problem with incorporating it in the sleeves. It’s also a lot more fun to mix and match the colors by yourself, right? This stunning knitted blouse may be a great way to learn how to blend the colors, as it’s all explained in the instructions.

Level: upper beginner Author: Louise Robert

a woman wearing a colorful striped knitted sweater.

photos by Louise Robert /

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Dryades Sweater

You simply must have Irina’s sweater in your closet, as it’s timeless, flattering, and elegant. The yoke with delicate openwork works perfectly with a simple stockinette stitch. The cuffs feature twisted ribbing, which ensure extra snugness of the sleeves.

Level: upper beginner Author: Irina Poludnenko

a woman in a knitted beige sweater

photo by Irina Poludnenko /

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Psyche Pullover

This project is one of a kind, so take a close look at the photos below. Knitter going by the name Zabeth used Lion Brand superwash merino yarn to create a stunning tunic.

It’s feminine, it’s interesting, but – more importantly – it’s very satisfying to make. Thanks to this DK / fingering weight yarn and a small hook, the pattern is intricate and sophisticated.

Level: upper beginner Author: Zabeth

a woman in a long lacy knitted tunic grey

photo by Zabeth /

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Spice Pull

The textures, the colors, the fit – this lightweight knit sweater by Laines du Nord truly has it all. Wide 3/4 sleeves and cropped fit will be perfect for the summer, but you can easily adjust the lengths. The combination of bright orange and neutral beige works great with many skin tones.

Level: intermediate Author: Laines du Nord

a woman in knitted striped sweater with 3/4 sleeves

photo by Laines du Nord /

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Naif Sweater

I’m positively obsessed with the ombre effect in this lovely pullover. It looks comfy and light as a cloud, and it is because it’s made with not one, but two strands of mohair yarn. Delicate openwork around the neckline makes it feminine, and the oversized fit will look great with many outfits.

Level: intermediate Author: Laines du Nord

a woman in light knitted pullover leaning against the wall

photo by Laines du Nord /

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Airy Essential

We are absolutely in love with this color because it is feminine, modern, and elegant all at the same time. This lightweight, breathable pullover will be perfect for chilly summer evenings and windy spring days. Pullovers with free knitting patterns rock!

Level: intermediate Author: Wera Masztakowska

Essential Knitted Pullover

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Vanilla Cloud 

Class and comfort. These are two things that count in the world of handmade fashion, right?

We know it, you know, the designers behind DROPS studio evidently know it as well. This lightweight knit sweater for spring surely proves it!

Level: intermediate Author: DROPS design

Knitted Pullover

Find this pattern on Garnstudio, or read more on Ravelry.

Bright Side

What a fashionable color – bold, bright, and so feminine. We think this pattern by the one and only Espace Tricot certainly ticks all the boxes. We love the simplicity of it, that’s for sure. Remember to use extra-soft yarn to keep yourself warm!

Level: intermediate Author: Espace Tricot

Pink Sweater

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Coral Pullover

This is such a unique color and we definitely want this fluffy yarn in our collection. This wonderful pattern for a simple pullover is the first project we would use it for. Follow the steps of EweKnit Toronto.

Level: upper beginner Author: EweKnit Toronto

Knitted Pullover

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The Scrappy Stripe

How are your winter days? Boost your style this season and knit this awesome pullover designed by Mona Kay.

Level: upper beginner Author: Mona Kay

Knitted Pullover

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Peaches and Cream

A subtle pullover for romantic souls! Isn’t it absolutely enchanting?

Brilliant creators behind DROPS design always surprise us, without a doubt. Are you going to use this fashionable powder pink? We think it is great for every beauty type!

Level: upper beginner Author: DROPS design

Knitted Pullover

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Late Nights 

Lively color and lacy motifs? This knitting pattern for a fashionable cropped pullover will surely make you smile this spring. Late nights are perfect for long crafts sessions and other joyful moments.

Level: upper beginner Author: DROPS design

Orange Pullover

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Horseshoe Lace Pullover

This color is absolutely amazing! The cool shade of green will be perfect for chilly spring and summer evenings. This pullover with beautiful openwork at the front is both simple and retro, modern and classic.

Level: intermediate Author: Premier Yarns Design Team

 Knitted Lace Pullover

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