Amazing Afghan Blocks

Amazing Crochet Afghan Block Free Patterns

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Whether you’re an experienced or beginner crafter, you will find these crochet afghan block patterns inspiring. These colorful squares can be your stand-alone projects such as coasters or potholders. Also by adding another few rows of edging you can create a stunning cushion or a placemat.

Beautiful afghans will be more challenging but also very satisfying. In addition, you can mix and match solid and multi-color blocks too. Definitely think of the effect you want to achieve and choose your combinations carefully. Moreover, these squares are a great opportunity to learn new stitches and be more creative.

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free crochet square patterns


The beautiful complexity of this crochet afghan square makes it look hard to make. In reality, though, there’s nothing an adventurous beginner wouldn’t manage to do. As you can see in the photos, Diana created the texture by adding popcorn and puff stitches. Then she balanced it with delicate openwork in the corners, making it a true work of art!

Level: intermediate Author: Diana Krenz

crochet afghan block with floral motif in the center

photo by Diana Krenz /

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Compass Rose

Karin’s meticulously designed crochet squares and blankets are one of my favorites. No wonder her newest design is stunning, too – you can see it in the photos below. What starts as a circle, quickly transforms into a flower, and then gets four spikes that make it look similar to a compass. Each colorway has its own character, so plan your palette wisely.

Level: upper beginner Author: Karin Ă…shammarVirklust

colorful crochet afghan blocks with geometric pattern

photo by Karin Ă…shammarVirklust /

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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Although this square uses only basic stitches, you can surely create a beautiful design based on it. It has a great texture, and the center flower pops if you use a contrasting color. Marie Segares is so creative, isn’t she?

Level: beginner Author: Marie Segares

Crochet Afghan Block

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This afghan block looks like a fiery sunset! It will certainly change the character if you use different color combinations, so don’t hesitate to get creative with this one. Diana Krenz is known for her wonderful talent!

Level: intermediate Author: Diana Krenz

Crochet Afghan Block

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Bubble Fins Square

There is a variety of textures in this design, evidently. We can’t stop admiring it! You can show them all off by using a single color as well as making each row different. Felling a bit lost? Follow the instructions by Teresa Lynn!

Level: upper beginner Author: Teresa Lynn

Crochet Square

The original pattern is on Info about this version by Bjornsen and the photos are on

Lola Bean 

Another happy block with variety of textures. Such flowery design will definitely be a great addition to a bigger project.

Level: upper beginner Author: Shelby Shea

Crochet Afghan Square

The original pattern is on Info about this version by melama02 and the photos are on

High Tea Floral Block – paid pattern

If you feel creative and are a pretty experienced crocheter, this paid pattern will be such a joy to make, without a doubt. Its intricate design will certainly delight everyone and bring big smiles to their faces. Jen Tyler rocks!

Level: intermediate/advanced Author: Jen Tyler

Floral Block

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Iris Twins Afghan Block Square

Oh, wow! We love this one so much! It`s an intricate but also delicate design for seasoned crocheters. Changing for darker colors will certainly alter its character. Margaret MacInnis will show you how to create some magic.

Level: advanced Author: Margaret MacInnis

Crochet Afghan Block Square

The original pattern is on Info about this version by adowney and the photos are on


You will certainly enjoy making this square because it`s easy and quick to crochet. This cheerful design looks like a kaleidoscope with symmetrical patterns and different colors. Polly Plum never fails us, undoubtedly!

Level: beginner Author: Polly Plum

Afghan Square

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Goose Meadow Block Square – paid pattern

This inexpensive pattern will make a delightful stand-alone project as well as a part of an afghan. It looks pretty in solid shades as well as in multi-color designs. Margaret MacInnis loves floral motifs, right? So do we!

Level: intermediate Author: Margaret MacInnis

Crochet Block Square

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Encompass Me Afghan Square

This simple yet interesting design has a delicate texture. Choose your favorite color combination to create the desired effect. Sky is the limit here! Heather C. Gibbs will show you how to mix and match colors. She is an artist!

Level: upper beginner Author: Heather C Gibbs | Keep Calm and Crochet On UK Blog

Crpchet Afghan Square

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Casablanca 12″ Square

An overlay technique creates dimensions and extra depth in this design by the one and only Maria Bittner. Using only two colors gives the square a vintage look. Is this the effect you are after? Get creative!

Level: intermediate Author: Maria Bittner

12" Square

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Roots the Square 

This square design is spectacular! We love floral motifs in all shapes and forms, obviously, but this one is special! Both simple and very eye-catching, right? Master the pattern with Heidi Hovi. You will enjoy it so much!

Level: upper beginner Author: Heidi Hovi

Crochet Square

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Malachia Granny Square

Raffaella Tassoni never stops amazing us with her crochet patterns for squares! Isn’t this one breathtaking? We love how great it looks both in single shades and in multicolor. What project will you use this wonder for?

Level: intermediate Author: Raffaella Tassoni

Granny Square

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