15+ Crochet Star Blanket Free Patterns

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We bet you can’t wait to add these awesome star blanket pattern crochets to your library! They are really hard to resist.

These designs are evidently delightful and surprisingly easy to work on. If you are looking for an idea for a relaxing crochet session, this post should certainly be of interest to you. Remember to keep things interesting with original color palettes! It’s always so fun. 

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Star-Shaped Baby Blankets with Free Crochet Patterns

1. Twinkle Point Baby Blanket

If you need a fantastic baby accessory, check Crochet ‘n’ Create’s free patterns. This one is an 8-point star crochet baby blanket that can double as a playmat or a small rug. You work it from the center out, so you can easily adjust the size.

To make this one, you need to know chain, double crochet and slip stitch. Simply go on as long as you are satisfied. 

Skill level: Upper Beginner Author: Crochet ‘n’ Create

blanket on the floor

Find this pattern on crochetncreate.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

2. Hugs and Kisses Star Blanket

Yet another fantastic star blanket crochet pattern from Jeanne, the author of the timeless Hugs and Kisses Blanket. The combination of bobbles and basic crochet stitches quickly became a classic as you can see in this modified version. As you can see, the crocheter behind the name SandDollar5724 used a multicolored yarn to achieve sudden color changes.

Skill level: Upper Beginner Author: Jeanne Steinhilber

colourful blanket

photos by SandDollar5724 / ravelry.com
Find this pattern on thecrochetcrowd.com, or read more on ravelry.com. The link to this particular version is below the picture.

3. Star Blanket

This star blanket crochet pattern speaks for itself, evidently! Whether you want to make a gift for a little astronaut or superhero fan, this is it! It looks great.

It can be a blanket, a small rug, or a superhero cape. Choosing the right colors can transform this project entirely. Make it in pink and you will have an amazing accessory for a little princess. It’s easy to make, so beginners should have no problems with it.

Level: beginner Author: Bernat Design Studio

blanket on a chair

Find this pattern on yarnspirations.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

4. Star Blanket 

Are you looking for a relaxing crochet project? Bernat Design Studio is always a great choice! This crochet star blanket is quick and definitely fun to make. It radiates outward and it`s so easy to customize it with your favorite colors.

Level: beginner Author: Bernat Design Studio

rainbow coloured blanket

Find this pattern on yarnspirations.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

5. Spoke Flower Blanket

This star-shaped design is really charming! It makes it certainly great for children’s bedrooms because it looks like taken straight from a fairytale.

If you just begin crocheting, go ahead and give it a try! This design is waiting for you, so start crocheting today! Star-shaped crochet blankets rock.

Level: upper beginner Author: The Crochet Fix

flower blanket on the floor

Find this pattern on youtube.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

6. Ridged Round Ripple Blanket

Who doesn’t love star-shaped crochet blankets? We all surely do. They are the celebrities in the yarn crafts world, right?

If you want to make your own version, you should certainly consider this star blanket crochet pattern by Hooked by Robin. It’s original and has such a great texture!

Level: upper beginner Author: Hooked by Robin

Ridged Round Ripple Blanket

Find this pattern on hookedbyrobin.com. The top photo is on Instagram.

7. Big Bloom Theory

A blooming blanket? It is nothing unusual, just another brilliant idea by Yarnspirations Design Studio.

Will you crochet a flower like that yourself? Think carefully about the colors! There are so many awesome possibilities here.

Level: upper beginner Author: Yarnspirations Design Studio

blanket with stripes

Find this pattern on yarnspirations.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

8. Popcorn Stitch Blanket

A beautiful violet star by Red Heart Design Team! This crochet patterns keeps suprising us from the moment we saw it.

Not only is it absolutely spectacular but also quite beginner friendly. So, even if you do not have much experience, don’t hesitate! It’s a great way you can learn popcorn stitich too.

Level: beginner Author: Red Heart Design Team

Popcorn Stitch Start Blanket

Find this pattern on yarnspirations.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

9. 9 Pointed Baby Star Blanket 

Are you in the mood for experimenting? Add an interesting touch to this star-shaped crochet baby blanket by Made By Siem with Jacob`s ladder stitch. It`s a beautiful pattern that looks lovely in any color and will make a perfect gift.

Level: upper beginner Author: Made By Siem

baby lying on a blanket

Find this pattern on youtube.com.

10. 12 Point Star Blanket 

The star-shaped blankets make absolutely adored designs! Especially when they are handmade, soft, warm, and wonderfully colorful. This one made by Yarn Sister certainly ticks all the boxes. We recommend checking out this author’s Instagram ASAP! Follow her instructions step by step and enjoy your new beautiful blanket!

Level: beginner Author: Yarn Sister

blanket lying on the floor

The photos are on Instagram: top, bottom. A video tutorial for a similar blanket is on youtube.com

11. June’s Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Look at this sweet crochet design! Seriously, how adorable is this star blanket crochet pattern? This one really stands out from other crochet baby blanket patterns.

If you receive an invitation to a baby shower this June, you have just found the perfect handmade gift. You will finish it in no time!

Level: upper beginner Author: Shannon Holding

hanging blanket

Find this pattern on theloopholefox.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

12. Round Ripple Baby Afghan 

Round Ripple Baby Afghan has a star-like mandala in the center. It will undoubtedly look so pretty in the modern nursery! Create stripes to make this baby blanket pattern more interesting or use ombre yarn for unexpected color effects. This project is so great for upper beginners who want to try something different!

Level: upper beginner AuthorLyn’s Designs

Round Ripple Baby Afghan

Find this pattern on web.archive.org, or read more on ravelry.com.

6-Day Star Blankets with Free Crochet Patterns

13. Spring Mixers – A 6-Day Superstar Variation

Betty McKnit specializes in legendary patterns, evidently! What’s more, she comes as an absolute master at mixing colours too!

Why don’t you follow in the designer’s footsteps and start planning your own color palettes? Give it a try and let your imagination fly!

Level: intermediate Author: Betty McKnit

6-Day Superstar Blanket

Find this pattern on bettymcknit.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

14. 6-Day Superstar Blanket

Does your pattern library need a new star? If so, this one shines bright and makes the world around so beautiful. Use DK or worsted weight yarn to make this wonderful crochet project by Betty McKnit.

Throw it on your bedroom floor or decorate your little one’s nursery with a handmade accessory.

Level: intermediate Author: Betty McKnit

6-Day Superstar Blanket

Find this pattern on bettymcknit.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

15. 6-Day Supernova Blanket

Wow, this blanket will certainly become the centerpiece of every interior. If you need a new trendy accessory for your living room, this is the perfect option. Mix neutrals and warm-toned colors with your favorite shade of blue. A very refreshing idea to go for!

Level: intermediate Author: Betty McKnit

6-Day Supernova Blanket

Find this pattern on bettymcknit.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

16. 6 Day Star Blanket 

This amazing seven-pointed star is the perfect challenge for those who have been practicing crocheting for some time now. Looking for a new exciting project? This design combines boho vibes with modern minimalism. It will completely change whatever room you choose to decorate with it, without a doubt!

Level: intermediate Author: Betty McKnit

multi-coloured blanket

Find this pattern on bettymcknit.com, or read more on ravelry.com.

17. 12 Point Star Blanket

This is such a cool type of crochet blanket! Star-shaped, striped, colorful, completed with a lovely edging. What else can a passionate crafter dream about?

Will you go for the same color combination Laura Dakin chose? It’s so pretty. Just give it a try and you’ll love it!

Level: intermediate Author: Laura Dakin, @tangledbylaura

white and green blanket

A video tutorial by Bella Coco is on youtube.com. More info and the photos are on Instagram.

18. My Little Soulmate Ripple

Crochet a blanket for your soulmate this spring! A handmade blanket is always a wonderful gift, especially when it is colorful and star-shaped! Try these awesome charts published by Colleen O’Neill. The final effect will surely surprise you!

Level: intermediate Author: Colleen O’Neill

doll sitting on blanket

Find this pattern on ravelry.com.

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