Cute Elephant Amigurumi – Free Crochet Patterns

Who is in the mood for elephant amigurumi? Soft and squishy toys are great for children of all ages. Whether for your own bundle of joy or as a gift for kids’ birthdays or other occasions. To give you some inspiration for your next project I`d like to share with you these Cute Elephant Amigurumi patterns. They are adorable animals and you will certainly have fun while making them. You can use chunky yarn to make a large toy or a fingering yarn for a pocket elephant. This will also work as a key chain or a backpack charm. Make colorful designs and don`t forget to share your creations with us. Check out these free patterns under the links below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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Not Your Everyday Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

Have fun making this adorable elephant for your kids or as a gift! If you use bulky yarn, you will get a large toy that will also be great as a decorative pillow. Follow the instructions by Cassie McSassy Craft and you will get great results.

Level: beginner Author: Cassie McSassy Craft

The original pattern is on Cassie McSassy. More info on Ravelry. Info about this version and the photos are on Ravelry.

Elephant Free Crochet Pattern

This squishy elephant designed by Chisachi Kushima will make a really cute baby toy. If you want to make more than one why not use different colors for each one and personalize them with felt tusks and ears lining as well.

Level: upper beginner Author: All About Ami

The original pattern and the photos are on All About Ami.

Abba The Elephant

Too cute to be true! If you already have your own team of amigurumi elephants, it is high time for Abba to join it! This crochet pattern by Aquariwool will surely be a lot of fun to work on. It is also a great opportunity to play with colorful yarn!

Level: upper beginner Author: AquariwoolCrochet

This pattern has been discontinued.

Oliver and Danny Amigurumi Elephants Free Crochet Pattern

Are you ready to invite Oliver and Danny to your house? We are sure noone will be willing to resist their company! We constantly wait for new patterns from Amigurumi Today and we never get dissapointed. Give these cuties a try!

Level: upper beginner Author: Amigurumi Today

The original pattern is on Amigurumi Today. The photos are on Instagram.

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