Blanket Knit-Along patterns

Blanket Knit-Along [KAL] Ideas

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Blanket knit-along is a kind of knitting event that you can take part in. The designer publishes the pattern in parts, one each week, bi-weekly, or in other regular segments of time. Those, who are a part of the KAL, work on the same elements at the same time. They share the progress pictures and tips in dedicated groups. 

Before you enter a blanket KAL, you have to have the time to gather the right materials. That’s why designers often announce KAL introductions before the first part is out. It tells you what tools you need, and what stitch patterns will appear throughout the project. 

To make sure you get the same results as the original, always use the same weight yarn and hook size. Check the gauge before you start your project so that you avoid unraveling. 

Making your own big project may be daunting, but KAL turns it into a great adventure. It helps in building connections and a sense of community with other knitters. When everyone shares the pictures of their finished projects, it’s time to celebrate!

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Free knitting blanket pattern Ideas

Highland Christmas Blanket Knit-Along

Get inspired by the traditional Christmas sweaters and seasonal movies from the ’80s, and join Nicola’s Knit-Along. Her patchwork blanket consists of knitted squares featuring various knitting techniques. Go for a grandma-core style with lots of colors, or choose a more toned-down palette – it’s all up to you.

Level: intermediate Author: Nicola Valiji

a knitted square christmas blanket on a chair.

photos by Nicola Valiji /

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Rowan Midwinter Knit Along

To make a true Christmas-inspired blanket, it’s a good idea to start right away. One of my favorite themes in knitting patterns for blankets is Scandinavian motifs. If you look at the photos below you will see characteristic reindeer ornaments and geometric snowflakes.

Join Martin’s blanket KAL and work on your own version alongside other knitters.

Level: intermediate Author: Martin Storey

knitted square blanket with winter motifs snowflakes reindeers and pine trees

photo by Rowan Yarns /

Find this pattern on (requires signing up), or read more on

Zodiac Icons Blanket Virgo Square

Alexandra came up with the brilliant idea of designing knitted squares that represent zodiac signs. As you can see in the photos, her first piece features the pretty face of a Virgo. To make each element you have to use colorwork technique, so it’s a great opportunity to learn new stitches.

Level: intermediate  Author: Alexandra Tavel

a knitted square with a woman's face virgo zodiac sign

photo by Alexandra Tavel /

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