Heart-Melting Teddy Bears Crochet Patterns


This post is a real treat for all the crocheting gifts hunters out there who want to get a head start on Christmas preparations, just to make sure they are ready when the magical time comes. We are focusing on the best gift ideas for children today, so get ready for a killer dose of cuteness! These Heart-Melting Teddy Bears are the ultimate classic when it comes to what kids are always looking for under the family tree. Snuggly, friendly and soft, the bears will become your little one’s best friends for life! Check out the free patterns under the links below and follow us on Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!


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Honey Teddy Bears Free Crochet Pattern

Honey Teddy Bears are a couple! Aren’t they so adorable? They remind me of old teddy bears our parents and grandparents used to have. If you are familiar with amigurumi techniques, this one will be so fun to make! You can try creating different clothes for them if you are feeling skillful. Those cute teddy bears are a great idea for a gift for newlyweds.

Level: intermediate Author: Amigurumi Today


You will find the pattern here

Teddy Bear Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet Teddy Bear has the most adorable little face and his sweet outfit only maximizes the cuteness! Can you imagine a better snuggle companion than this wonderfully soft guy? I certainly can’t!

Level: upper beginner Author: Iris F.


You will find the video tutorial here. More info here.

Tummy Teddy Crochet Pattern

Children of all ages would love to spend the whole Christmas cuddling with this adorable Tummy Bear. I mean, just look at his wonderfully round paws, his tiny belly button and these pastel colors! Irresistible, right? Have a very beary Christmas!

Level: intermediate Author: Mari-Liis Lille (lilleliis)


You will find the pattern here.

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